Monday, February 22, 2010

(TFW) issue11. vol.3 ; cover page; josep abril (designer,barcelona) / (EDM) issue11. vol.3 ; cover page credits; photo; laura martin

EDM 11,Issue. Vol.3
From the Editor
Cover; From one of the many of her Projects on Social Causes Inspired & fascinated by Cavafy (poet of the old city). Laura's self-taken photo-graph of Muslim Burkha lady waiting for the taxi at Alexandria and Egypt combines with the fascination of Cavafy's poetry. A story - a drama hence created, a plot set & a message delivered. Its Cavafy's Journey - Road to The journey of the soul homeward & more. Wherever the journey has taken you, "always keep Ithaca on your mind & pray that the road is long...

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